Long-term missionaries

CBI is always seeking long-term ministry partners who feel called to serve the Japanese people through the multi-faceted ministry approach at CBI. Long-term missionaries serve for a period of more than 2 years. CBI’s central team is sent by Mission to the World, but we also partner with a handful of other agencies.

The CBI Internship Program

CBI’s internship program is designed to utilize the gifts and talents of our interns while also challenging and investing them. The program offers an excellent glimpse into what it is like to serve as a missionary in Japan. The internship focuses on 3 key areas: Ministry, Muscle (service), and Mentoring. Ministry centers on relationship evangelism and discipleship. Muscle utilizes the gifts and flexible time of our interns to work on key projects for CBI. And mentoring involves a commitment from one of our missionaries to meet with the intern on a regular basis to help them process what God is teaching them. Pre-field training may be required and interns are responsible for raising their full financial support. CBI offers two lengths of internships: Summer (which takes place during June and July) and 11 Months (which can begin at any point).

Visiting Professor Opportunities

One of the unique aspects of Christ Bible Seminary comes through the visits of gifted professors from around the world. We welcome visiting professors who have a heart for Japan and who are currently teaching at a like-minded seminary. Visiting professors have served with us for a few days to a few weeks and are welcomed into our community during their stay. CBI has limited accommodations and asks that visiting professors be willing to raise support for travel and expenses to minister with us. Classes are taught in modular intensives with translation.

Interested in Serving?

All positions require that the team member raise prayer and financial support. Please also refer to our blog for specific updated needs and service opportunities. If you would like to learn more about serving, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..