Counseling is not a part of the culture in Japan.
But being wounded is.

This has been a challenging truth to witness in Japanese society. There are beautiful, glorious parts of Japan's culture, and there are the parts of Japanese culture that prompt us to remember that the healing of Christ is desperately needed here.

Hikikomori: As many as a million young people have withdrawn from people and live in an acute state of social anxiety. Most don’t leave their rooms. They are the hikikomori. (Source: Hikikomori: Why are so many Japanese men refusing to leave their rooms?)

Child Pornography: Japan only recently passed laws against child pornography—yet these laws provide loopholes that allow the ongoing sexual exploitation of children. (Source: Japan Finally Bans Child Pornography)

Teen Suicide: Suicide in Japan is about 60% higher than the global average.iii School bullying is a rampant problem and has been increasingly linked to teenage suicide deaths. (Source: Japan’s suicide rate exceeds world average: WHO report)

Prostitution of Japanese Children: The practice of enjo kosai (compensated dating) and joshi kosei osanpo (female high school students are paid to take walks with older men) have been cited in the “2014 Trafficking in Persons Report” as incidents of human trafficking which continue to facilitate the prostitution of Japanese children. (Source: 2014 Trafficking in Persons Report)

By his wounds you have been healed. 1 Peter 2:24b

Christian counseling is practically unheard of in Japan. The church struggles to speak of hope in the midst of these societal ills.

These social illnesses take their toll on weary Christian leaders who seek to help ameliorate the increasing emotional needs of their church members and of others who seek their help.

Without formal training or resources, these pastors and leaders struggle to help. Christians do not receive the emotional help and healing they need. Despairing non-Christians regard the church as incapable of providing the vital emotional help, support, and hope they seek.

What can you do to help bring real, personal, healing of Jesus to hurting Japanese?

Introducing “Christian Counseling for Japan,” a new project at Christ Bible Institute.

This year, CBI is officially launching Christian Counseling for Japan (CCFJ). The mission of the CCFJ Project is a focus on these three core areas:

Resourcing: Providing relevant counseling resources for use by pastors and lay Christians in Japan.

Training: Equipping pastors and lay Christians to utilize basic Christian counseling principles. A new curriculum and programs for Counseling Certification and a Counseling M.A. will be initiated at Christ Bible Seminary (CBS).

Counseling: Offering relevant counseling services to our Christian community and greater neighborhood through a new Christian Counseling Center.

Your financial support of CCFJ will be matched by MTW!

CCFJ is being launched with the support of Mission to the World (MTW). MTW has awarded CBI a matching grant of $15,000 to help us initiate CCFJ. Every dollar we receive up to $15,000 will be matched 1-to-1 by MTW.

As of August 25th, we are at $8,500 in meeting this match! That's 56%.

Please, with prayer, consider how you may help us meet this $15,000 matching grant by October 1, 2015. Your gift will have a long-term impact on the Japanese that know Him—and on His many sheep who have yet to come to Him.

You can make your gift online here: cbijapan.org/fonts/giving

“Brett Rayl (CBI Team Leader) believes, as do others, that the social dynamics, and the growing stresses of family life in Japan (what is left of it), are of such a nature that many desperate and wounded people would turn with thankfulness to a loving and listening person with some competence in helping them cope with the brokenness of their lives.” - John Piper