What CBI does

The mission of CBI is to:

  • Engage Japanese society with the gospel by word and deed
  • Expand the Kingdom of God in Japan through church planting
  • Equip Japanese Christian leaders for ministry

The mission of CBI is intentionally comprehensive. The three works of Engage, Expand, and Equip are integral to our one work of mission in Japan. In order to do this, CBI includes three individual but connected ministries, each working together and sharing resources but focusing on a specific part of Engage/Expand/Equip:

Engage Expand Equip

Who CBI is

CBI is a place, ministry, and a team.

Our History

CBI is a Place of Interconnection

CBI is a building located in the center of Nagoya, which is located between Tokyo and Osaka in Japan. These three metropolitan areas include approximately 2/3 of the Japanese population and are easily accessed via the bullet train. CBI is only a few blocks from Nagoya Station, and, like Nagoya Station, serves as a place of interconnection. CBI as a building:

  • Hosts the three intersecting ministries of CBI.
  • Serves as a connection point for Christians from across Japan and the world.
  • Offers a meeting place for a number of other Christian churches and organizations.
  • Provides a safe space for young people to experience the love of Christ regardless of their background.

CBI is a Ministry of Ministries

CBI has three primary branches of ministry led by an Executive Leadership Team. The branches of ministry at CBI have their own focus and leadership while sharing the same vision, mission, values, and many of the same people. This overlap encourages collaboration and pooling of resources for more effective ministry. CBI’s ministries include:

CBI is a Team of Collaborators

CBI is perhaps most importantly a team of diverse individuals committed to working together to bless Japan. The CBI team includes Japanese staff and missionaries from several missions sending agencies who are partnered with the CBI Mission to the World team. Both staff and missionaries represent a number of different denominations and backgrounds, though they could all be described as Reformed evangelicals. Closely related to this team are seminary students and volunteers from local churches who serve alongside us and are part of our community. This diversity encourages discussion and unique cooperation in ministry.

CBI Team

Meet the Team