Christ Bible Institute


CBI’s ministries are distinct but connected, working together to accomplish our mission in Nagoya, Japan, and beyond. CBI is also involved in a few key initiatives to support our ministries. If you are interested in learning more or serving in any of these ministries, please contact

Christ Bible Seminary

Christ Bible Seminary (CBS) equips Japanese Christian leaders for ministry through theological education. It offers a Master of Divinity degree, Master of Arts degree, and a Certificate in Christian Studies. CBS is an associate member of the Asia Theological Association (ATA) and is working toward full accreditation. CBS has been blessed to train leaders of diverse backgrounds from across Japan, many of whom are first-generation Christians. If you’re interested in teaching a 1-2 week course at CBS, or joining the team as a long-term professor, please contact info@cbijapan.orgVisit the Christ Bible Seminary website (Japanese only)

Heart & Soul

The Heart & Soul engages Japanese society by providing a safe and inviting space for people to experience the love of Christ. The Heart & Soul serves its community by providing English learning opportunities and weekly and monthly events. Learn more on the Heart & Soul Facebook page.

Church Planting Center

The CBI church planting center seeks to expand the kingdom of God in Japan by networking church planters in Japan with one another and providing resources and coaching for church planting. This ministry is currently in development.

Missiological studies identify a people group as “unreached” so long as the population remains less than 2% evangelical Christian. The Japanese people number over 120 million and only 0.3% of them may be identified as evangelical. In order for the Japanese to become a “reached” people group, a movement of renewal and church planting would have to occur, leading to the conversion of over 2 million Japanese individuals.

Christian Counseling for Japan (CCFJ) Project

The CCFJ Project focuses on resourcing and training Japanese Christians to provide counseling and care for those struggling emotionally and spiritually in Japan. Counseling services are available as well.

CBI Press

CBI Press translates key Christian resources into Japanese and publishes them as affordable, high-quality books. Past examples of translation include Don’t Waste Your Life and The Supremacy of God in Preaching by John Piper.

Love Japan

LOVE JAPAN was a three-day conference that took place simultaneously in three of Japan’s most prominent cities (Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya). LOVE JAPAN was held in October 2014, and plenary sessions featured John Piper, DA Carson, Michael Oh, Jaehoon Lee, and others. The vision of LOVE JAPAN was to celebrate and proclaim the glorious love of God through worship and the preaching of the Word. CBI hopes to host other LOVE JAPAN conferences in the future.